Driving Test Routes


Test routes

UK DVSA Driving Test Centre Routes.

As an Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DVSA ADI) myself we are advised by the DVSA not to practice to much on driving routes until near the test date when the learner is at the practical driving tests standard. In fact the practical driving test is conducted in such a way that the learner driver should be able to pass even if the learner has never driven on any of the driving routes before.

However as an experience DVSA ADI i know what a huge advantage it is to the learner driver to familiarise themselves with the routes prior to the driving test. Practicing on test routes will greatly increase the learners confidence when on there practical driving test. I personally practice some of the more commonly used routes and any challenging junctions or road layouts with all my pupils prior to their driving test. This definitely helps the learner driver when they are on their test and greatly increases their chances of passing first time, something we should all be aiming for.

If you do decide to practice your driving with family or friends on test routes we would strongly suggest The Private Driving Practice Handbook, available in full or lite versions, to get the most out of this vitally important driving practice prior to the practical driving test. This handbook will really help to make sure that your driving practice is done safely and effectively. Helping you towards your goal of passing first time.

Good Luck with your test.


Date Published: 04/16/2016