Latest Official Theory & Practical Driving Test Centres, 2021 Pass Rates and the “Secret” to passing 1st time.

driving test centresWe use the official UK Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) car test information to compile the driving test centre addresses and pass rates.

Whilst regularly checked please see your confirmation email received for any last-minute changes to your local driving test centres address.

Latest News Update. 

England, Scotland and Wales. Driving Lessons, Theory Tests and Practical Driving Tests have all now restarted in England, Scotland and Wales.

The UK national 2021 practical driving test pass rate is 51.6% or you can increase this to 76.6% by downloading and using the DVSA ADI devised The Driving Test Secret.

UK 2021 theory test pass rate is 55.7%

DVSA ADI’s, we are the official professionals in teaching you to drive in the UK.

Updated 29th March 2022

DVSA confirmed that there were 1,599,566 driving tests between April 2019 and March 2020. Between April and December 2020 (not including the start of 2021 due to the third lockdown), there were just 430,644 driving tests that took place; a decrease of 73% year-on-year.

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The DVSA carries out approximately 1.6m driving tests per year (an estimated 4,384 driving tests per day). There are currently 420,000 car tests in backlog, with the average waiting time for a driving test found to be 17 weeks (more than four months).

2021 National Practical Driving Test Pass Rate 51.6%

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To find your local theory or practical DVSA car test centre with details such as the new practical test pass rates simply click on the area links below.

Test Centres Scotland 

Highlands,    Theory Test,    Practical Test
Central Scotland,    Theory Test,    Practical Test
North East Scotland,    Theory Test,    Practical Test
Southern Scotland,    Theory Test,    Practical Test

Test Centres Wales

North and South Wales,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test

Test Centres England 

North West England,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
North East England,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
Yorkshire and Humber,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
West Midlands,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
East Midlands,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
East of England,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
South West England,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test
London and South East England,    Theory Test Centres,    Practical Driving Test

DVSA Approved Driving Instructor results have shown that you are over 25% more likely to pass your UK Practical Driving Test if you use The Driving Test “Secret” and “Secret” Revision Cards.

Bad weather and the practical driving test.

What time of day should I book my test for?

As an ADI I normally discuss with my pupil what time of day it would be best to book their practical driving test. I don’t have a set time I suggest, instead, I believe it best tailored to the individual considering the following:

1, The time of day the pupil normally has driving lessons.

2, Time of the day the pupil feels at their best. Are they a morning person or don’t they feel properly awake until midday!

3, Finally other factors such as time off work or school.

If we look at the current test times at one of my local practical driving test centres:

07:13 (this is an extra test when available).








15:28 (this is an extra test when available).

Evening and Saturday tests are also sometimes available but are subject to a higher fee.

The first two tests of the day 07:13 and 08:10 will be in rush hour traffic, including school traffic. Then 09:07, 10:14 and 11:11 may, subject to the area be slightly less busy. With 12:38 and 13:35 being over lunchtime, which can cause there to be more pedestrians in town and city centre routes. Finally, 14:32 and 15:28 will include school traffic and possibly depending on area evening rush hour traffic.

Most of my pupils prefer the thought of a mid-morning test, so that they avoid the morning rush hour traffic, but don’t have all day to wait around worrying about their test.

However, a recent study (nationally) showed rather surprising results:

Test times (between) and the pass rate for tests as a percentage.

07-09.00     50%

09-11.00     52%

11-13.00     48%

13-15.00     50%

15-17.00     49%

17-19.00     49%

19-21.00     65% !!!

Firstly not all practical test centres offer evening driving tests, but if your local test centre does should you book an evening test?

It’s difficult to know why the pass rate is so much higher on evening tests, maybe it’s less traffic or that the test centres that offer these times have a higher pass rate than the average?

Our advice is to still pick a practical driving test time to suit you, rather than be swayed by statistics.

Book your theory or practical test (link to official DVSA booking website).